Cirrus Logic: Brand authenticity, from the inside out

Site redesign, brand refresh. Strategy, direction, conceptual design.
Made at Happy Cog.

Jun–Dec 15

Cirrus Logic is a semiconductor and audio technology company based in Austin, Texas. Quietly they supply a significant portion of the chips that go into the iPhone.
Semiconductors may conjure up images of clean rooms and static-free suits, but Cirrus’ staff is largely made up of passionate musicians and audiophiles.
The aim of the visual identity and website redesign was to better reflect this aspect of their company culture.
The new visual language draws inspiration from the doppler effect, a reference to the fact they create the technology that powers music-listening on the go. Nearly all interaction points relate back to this idea in one way or the other (even the search icon), in homage to their motto, “Audio is in everything we do.”

Though the new site had to perform specific marketing functions, the bulk of the users of the previous version were engineers looking for technical information. The redesign took great pains to make the dense technical information easier to filter and browse.
The parametric search, a complex method for searching and comparing multiple products simultaneously, is fully functional on mobile.

Logo aside, the entire brand language was refreshed during this process, including technical illustrations and diagrams. To ensure the liveliness of the visual brand could carry into technical documents an isometric grid was imposed. 

The color palette was updated to a kind of candy assortment of pinks, yellows,  oranges, and purples to complement and, at the same time, enliven the 90s corporate favorite blue and gray. 
Type is GT Walsheim, GT Pressura, and Georgia. 

Information architecture: Amanda Buck, Aura Seltzer. Designer-in-charge: Amanda Buck. Design support and illustration: Dana Pavlichko. Front-end developer: Stephen Caver. Project manager: Andréa Pié.

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