Club Nintendo: Form ever follows fun

Site refresh. Art direction and design. Made at Happy Cog, 2011. 
Information architecture: Kevin Hoffman. Creative director: Chris Cashdollar. Front-end dev: Allison Wagner. Project manager: Brett Harned.

Dan Mall • 16 Dec 2011

@happycog That “Go!” button is probably the best button I’ve ever seen on a website. Beautiful stuff!

Club Nintendo was a loyalty rewards program members used to register their games and devices, accumulating coins that could be exchanged for prizes. The redesign was popular with customers and led to increased conversions of over 20% in its first major test during the 2011 holiday season.

Jason Tiernan • 16 Dec 2011

@danielmall @happycog Can’t. Stop. Rolling over…

Truth be told, this is pretty surface level stuff. The underlying architecture wasn’t significantly changed from the design it replaced. Only the homepage, which could be themed around flagship releases, saw a major revamp. Ultimately its success, I think, just came down to a little bit of Nintendo magic.
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