I’m a freelance design director, strategist and researcher based in Brooklyn.  

Collected here are some nice things people have said about working with me.

Nicole Fenton, content strategist, editor, writer. 
“MJ is the best design leader I’ve worked with. He knows how to build trust with clients through close collaboration, persuasive presentations, and honest insights directly from users. I would work with him again in a heartbeat!”

Lisa Maria Martin, content strategist and information architect. 
“MJ’s perhaps the smartest person I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His intellect and the way he applies it to solving design problems is pretty unparalleled in this industry.”

J.C. Bouvier, former marketing director, International Fund for Animal Welfare.
“When I look back on the time I spent working with Michael, I recall the thoughtfulness, consideration and care he delivered to our project and each deliverable. I would work with Michael again in a heartbeat and would recommend him to any team looking for a talented and engaged design partner.”

TJ Pitre, designer-developer, owner of SouthLeft
“MJ is one of the most cerebral designers I’ve ever worked with. His craft is fine-tuned to perfection, and I am honored to have brought some of his web designs to life. I wholehearetedly recommend him as an exceptional designer.”

Dana Pavlichko, designer, Happy Cog. 
“MJ always pushed me to get better and see things I didn’t already see.” 

Dave DeRuchie, project manager and client success director, Happy Cog. 
“MJ is honest, self-abnegating, and truly interested in creating the finest work he and his colleagues can create.”
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